Informative Essay On Future Sports Legends

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What if history didn’t have these “greats” and “sports legends” that we all look up to and idolize? There is more and more of these future sports legends being cut off from their dreams due to simple things, like injuries that we could prevent. People aren’t taking the proper precautions before playing contact and collision sport, causing them to get injured. These injuries are being left untreated and ruining their future with pains and struggles. Athletes are struggling to deal with these injuries leading to many negative things. But with all these injuries why isn’t proper protection invented to keep the injury numbers down. People need to take the proper precautions before and after playing sports.

Untreated or injuries that weren’t caught can negatively affect athlete’s futures. Injuries such as concussions can cause struggles in academics, job performance, physical ability, and mental health. Other untreated injuries such as torn ACLs can lead to knees giving way, more tears over time, and a reduction in activity level. If that’s not bad enough, later in life untreated injuries can cause things such as arthritis, bone deformity, and back pains. Athletes should always be sure to tell someone if they think they are injured and seek help from a medical advisor.

Injuries have negative effects on athlete especially when they are still
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Even if you should take caution of everything when playing sports, people still aren’t. They end up getting injured and they ignore it and leave it untreated! Injuries not only have physical negative affects but also emotional and many athletes struggle to cope with their injuries. So next time you play sports make sure to wear the protection that is provided to you and afterward check to make sure nothing is hurt. If you’re a coach make sure you do not overwork your players and keep them