Informative Essay On Gun Control

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In this paper I will be talking about gun control. I think that people owning a gun in their household can be extremely dangerous and is unsafe. I think that some people should own guns like hunters but they shouldn’t keep them in their house. People who are mentally and physically stable should be able to own a gun if they keep it locked up, keep it away from children, and keep it in a safe place. As you read this you should begin to realize that having control of a gun should stricken as the year goes on.
In 2015 President Obama passed a law for gun control. In result of that people that misused these weapons were able to buy them and keep them in their household. After this law was passed the increase of shootings,murders,mass murders,and
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Each year in the US, we have 30 deaths per year per million people. There are 323,167,888 million people on Earth as of March 14,2016 at 4:25 p.m which means just about 10,772,262 will be dead by the end of the day. Of course this isn’t just due to guns but just imagine how many people are dying due to this. This death rate per year per million people needs to decrease. Someway people need to make it impossible for people who are not able to use a gun properly to buy a game. I think the only people who should own guns are military personals and maybe hunters because they use properly. I believe that people should have the government approve them so they are able to buy guns. The government should look at your Name,age, medical, and criminal records.
The Media is also has a role in this. Media has an increasing rate of videos of violence due to Youtube. When more of these violent videos are posted the more violent people are becoming. With a mass majority of teens watching Youtube means more shootings and other violent acts involving teens. If the media were to take the amount of violence they show on T.V. down then there could be a decrease in teen violence.
This is why I think gun control should stricken. Violent and mental people should not be able to have guns. I hope after reading this you change your mind about gun