Informative Essay On Music Therapy

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Ludwig van Beethoven once said, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”. If a person were to think about this for awhile, it becomes very apparent that this is in fact very true. Music has the power to change someone's emotion completely. It can take someone who is depressed and make them completely different. This is one of the many reasons why there is a profession of Music Therapy. Music Therapy is particularly beneficial because of the positive effects it has on mental and physical health.
Music Therapy is a profession where therapists use music as treatment for their patients needs. Music therapy is not just listening to music on a device, music therapists go through a process. It is a 4-step process to determine the best treatment for their patient. Step one is to determine what the patient needs therapy for. Step two is to set a goal with their patient and determine something that the patient can push themselves towards.
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Some common types of musical treatment for eating disorders is talking about what the lyrics mean to the patient. Using this type of treatment is a good form of music therapy for eating disorders because it discusses the main problem that surrounds weight issues. Some common issues that may come up in discussion is insecurity. A lot of songs in our society talk about self esteem being down. This can lead to people feeling bad about themselves and their bodies. Also, a lot of music talks about depression and this can bring up problems for the patients. Along with this treatment, the patient must write their own songs. Usually, patients will write their own thoughts and feelings down on paper. The patients feel empowered because they can write whatever they want and they feel in control. Once the music therapist figures out exactly what is going on in their patient's mind, the therapist can find other ways of treating