Informative Essay On My Ankle Surgery

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The morning of the surgery was nerve-wracking. Dr. Longobardi himself would be performing the surgery, and he assured me that the success rates were very high, and that due to the wonders of anesthesia, I would not feel a thing. I had little choice but to trust him. As I entered the operating room I noticed all of the surgeon’s tools on the table. Seeing them lined up, neat and pristine, sent a shudder down my body. I had always hated sharp objects.
Thankfully, the surgery went well. The surgeons had reattached my ligaments and reinforced them by using other tissues. This made it less likely that I would suffer another ligament tear in my ankle. When fully healed, my ankle ligaments would be stronger than before, though it would take quite some time for that to happen. Immediately after the surgery, my ankle was put in a splint, stabilizing the newly reattached ligaments. I was required to wear the splint for three weeks, and I could not put any weight on the ankle for two months. The ligament was still very tender, and re-tearing it was still a possibility. My ankle was still in some
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If I had never fallen and gotten injured I may never have met Dr. Longobardi and subsequently never decided to pursue medicine as a career. My experiences as a patient catalyzed my interest in the healthcare field and launched me toward a career in which I will be able to dedicate my time to helping and serving others. The interactions I had with medical and caregiving professionals had a profound and influential impact of me, and if it was not for a slip in the rain, my life may have had a completely different trajectory. They say that when you are on your deathbed, you regret all the things you did not do. I can say with confidence, however, that though I was never given the chance to fulfill my track career, I do not regret the path that this injury has me led on; rather, I welcome