Informative Essay On School Shootings

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School shootings in the United States has been a rising issue since the late 1900s. From the first school shooting that made the front page of all news was in Columbine High School. It made the front page, because, at the time, it was something that no one had seen before. Nowadays, the issue fits into the government discussion of Gun Safety, and the talk is whether or not people should own guns, other than Military and Law Enforcement. Now back to the School Shootings, Columbine High School, in Colorado was hit with a theoretical asteroid sent off by Two students who felt the need to get back at their school for the reasoning of them being so different from everyone else. The Two both suffered from deep depression and paranoia, and developed a hatred for everyone …show more content…
He stopped taking his medicine after his High school days, and while at Virginia Tech, his teachers began to notice his odd behavior, and before they could try and help, he had already began his shooting spree. The next school shooting that was committed 7 years later, was at Sandy Hook elementary school. On December 14, 2014 , Adam Lanza attempted one of the deadliest school shootings in american history. That day, he shot and killed his mother, then drove her car and killed 26 students and faculty at the school. Eventually after the shooting, he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Although the background checks on Lanza had no evidence of any mental deficiencies, there was evidence of him being rather odd and interested in readings of early american massacres. All the shooters that have been discussed, have the same sort of memo, which was to turn on a society that they believed turn on them. The reason this fits into the Gun Control issue in America, is because the government doesn’t know if they can trust just any random person with a gun to themselves because at some point, these shooters were amongst these random