Informative Essay On The Outsiders

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Have you ever been told to do something but you didn’t want to do it so you ignored what that person told you to do and did your own thing? Doing what you are told to do can stop you from making a difference to help the people all around you. If you only were able to do what you were told for every second of your life then everyone would be the same and no one would really be who they are today. Doing your own thing is how you learn from mistakes and get to be a better person. Don’t always worry about what you are told to do because doing your own thing will impact your life in a good way and you will regret not doing what you wanted to do, not what you were told to do.

In the first place if you always had to follow the rules how would you make a difference in this world? “All I could think was: We started it. We started it. We started it!” “I slammed a big rock
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In The Outsiders, it says “Randy’s not going to show up at the rumble. He’s not scared. He’s just sick of fighting.” Everyone told Randy in The Outsiders that he should fight, but he decided since he doesn’t have his buddy (Johnny) anymore he doesn’t want to fight and they can also get in trouble for having the fight. He also doesn't care much about the Socs anymore he just wants everything to be fine. In the book My Parents, he said “I feared the salt coarse pointing of those boys who copied my lisp behind me on the road.” When he said that doing what you are told vs doing your own thing shows the boys don’t care if they are being mean because they still wanted to do it even if it weren’t very nice. In another book One Flick of A Finger, it said the boy took the gun with him. He did it easily because his father was not paying attention. He didn’t care what his father said he just took the gun because it looked “cool” to the gang he wanted to be