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Introduction [Slide 1] I’m sure many of you have played video games at least once in your life, right? Considering the video games you may play today, have you ever thought about the evolution of the characters or the game or even the graphics? The technology of Mario games has progressed and developed a lot since the beginning. In my presentation, you will see how much Mario and his games have evolved from being a little fellow in Donkey Kong to a video game mega star.
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[Slide 2] Surprisingly, Mario was not always the main character of the games he was in. Donkey Kong, the arcade version in 1981 was his first appearance. His name wasn’t even “Mario”, it was "Jumpman". Mario was a minor character that jumped up the still screen
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Many things about Mario has changed and developed since then. Multiple differences between Mario in the 1980s and in the 2000s can be recognized. For example, the oldest Mario game in which he is the star is Mario Bros. One of the most recent is Mario Kart 8. Clear improvements of the technology between the two games are obvious. For instance, the resolution. Mario games were pixellated and blurry in the late 1900s, but these days they are very clear and detailed. High definition was a huge improvement for not only Mario games, but video games overall. Along with this, the amount of characters available to use in most recent games would be only dreamt of by the players of Mario Bros. There are 30 characters available in Mario Kart 8 while Mario Bros only had 2. In addition to the 30 characters, you can change the car you use as well in certain games! Thirdly, the background and scenery is lively, moves and changes depending on the level you are on in the newer games. Unlike recent games, Mario Bros had a frozen background and very little or no animation. Additionally, in Mario games today, the sounds and effects are much more entertaining and amusing, while back then they were very limited and not as noticeable as today. These are only a few differences among many and only two games out of the numerous Mario games that show significant improvements of the technology used to produce and play the