Informative Essay: The Amazing Sport Of Football

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The Amazing Sport:Football

It is 24-21 Patriots down, they throw, touchdown! Patriots win! Do you want to play Football but don’t know how. Well, you're in luck, because in this short book, I will be teaching you how many points touchdowns are to what happened in the Super Bowl. Now, let’s get started.


Have you ever wondered how much is a touchdown worth? You might be thinking that it is worth 7 points, but it really, it is only worth 6. THe reason why they get 7 points is that they kick a field goal after the touchdown, and if they make it, then they will get 6 points plus the field goal, so 6+1=7 points. Also, if you didn’t score a touchdown, and you kick a field goal, it is worth 3 points. If you get a safety, it is worth 2 points and it is you ball. Oh, and a safety is when you tackle, or sack the Quarterback at the end zone where you score. How To Play

Now, this is the most important part because it will tell you the basics of how to play Football. First, if you are the offense and you drop the ball while you have possession of the ball, it is called a fumble. Then, the ball is loose, and if the other team recovers the ball, then it is their ball. And now, they will now have an
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The Super Bowl is the final game of the season.It decides which team is the champion. In other words, it is the championship game. Let me tell you about some mind blowing facts. First, the Quarterback that has the most Super bowls won was Tom Brady, he has an amazing 5 rings. The second most Super Bowls won is Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, who each has 4 rings! But, there are some sad moments too, like when Jim Kelly went to the Super bowl 4 times straight and lost all. Dan Marino also was in the Super bowl, but lost to Joe Montana. Dan Marino is one of the greatest Quarterbacks that never won a Lombardi Trophy, which is the championship trophy. Troy Aikman won 2 Super bowls back to back against Jim