Informative Essay: The Dangers Of Volcanoes

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Imagine being in the islands of Hawaii and being able to observe a monstrous volcano. Pretty cool, huh? Volcanoes can sometimes be neighboring a town and they can be extremely dangerous because they have the potential to erupt and demolish cities. Just imagine how astonishing it would be to be able to look up at a mammoth volcano on the islands of Hawaii. When a volcano erupts, it shoots out deposits of rock and ash, which help the soil around the volcano. Volcanos help us humans by providing a very beautiful sight, but they can also destruct humans and destruct cities. Volcanos do benefit the environment by nourishing it when it erupts. Imagine living right beside a volcano or close to a volcano and it erupts. I don’t expect a pleasant sight. According to source 1, “Roughly 60 erupted each year through the 1990s” (Simkin&Siebert 26). That’s very threatening could you imagine the town in the vicinity of the volcano? …show more content…
Looking up at a 4000 foot volcano would be priceless, it would be so beautiful. Furthermore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a park in Hawaii that is home to countless volcanos and source 3 describes the park with a lot of imagery. Source 3 states, “Broad vistas with sweeping views of the ocean and mountain.”(Unknown 30). Not to mention it’s right on the ocean it doesn’t get any more superior than that. I don’t know about you, but I want to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Giving that volcanos are pleasing to the eye they also support the environment by depositing rock and ash into the soil. You’re probably whispering to yourself saying, ewww rock and ash into the ground. But it’s actually a good thing these deposits help the soil and they help the plants grow. According to source 2 it states, “Mount Vesuvius, which experienced two major eruptions more than 10,000 years ago. This area has been intensively cultivated for crops for over 2,000 years.”(McDonaugh