Informative: Identity Theft and Federal Trade Commission Essay

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Apr 11, 2015

Steady Growing on Children Privacy

The need for proper monitoring is steadily growing in the U.S. In time after technology has progressed to our fingertips, access to technology is rapidly becoming frequent every waking moment. Children in the U.S., (estimated to be typically between the ages of three and thirteen) are in need of proper supervision. As an unfortunate part of our society in this era and generation, the deep concern for child safety amongst all children is a grave problem which lacks the support to eradicate this issue it deserves. Due to the poor lack of monitoring of our youth, there are too many dangerous incidents in which our innocent youth may become engulfed in. Often times they will find themselves possibly in a scenario in which it may be far from “too late”.
We as the people, all have an identity which identifies who we are and tracks our financial streams. Our identities are highly important, confidential, and sensitive information. In some cases, some have experienced a terrible theft in which a perpetrator takes your identity away from you. On January 12th, 2015, Our President Obama took a bold and firm stand by proposing a brand new strategy to help magnificently decrease the crime rate in identity theft. In this last decade, there have been numerous reported data breaches as well as malicious criminal activity via technology. Research study shows that hackers now have the ability to cause critical harm not only to innocent civilians of the United States, but unfortunately to the sensitive economy as well. This new ambitious proposal of our President Barrack Obama is called the “Personal Data Notification and Protection Act”. This Act massively impact all types of businesses. Furthermore, it magnificently impacts with multimillion and billion dollar corporations; which they play an enormous role in our beloved United States of America. This firmly proves why and how acting upon the problem of proper technology management and supervision is absolutely necessary. This new ambitious proposal would state by law that a numerous count of companies will now have to contact and notify the consumers within 30 days of a possible breach within any type of personal data and or information regarding yourself or any other type of information.
Technology has been a luxury and tool for years. In the last decade millions of types of technology has been created and pushed into our lives. Congress has intentionally began to frequently push towards the top priority to rapidly increase the production of technology. With this bold movement of rapidly increasing technology, a dangerous consequence and risk quickly follows immediately after this move. This directly correlates to and strongly supports the fact that the Federal Trade Commission will be strictly asked to continuously update their rules in order to strictly enforce and ensure that the law formally will indeed play a big role in properly monitoring all current and new data. Furthermore, they will efficiently and properly monitor various marketing practices. With all the restrictions being firmly set in place, it can be strongly argued that teen privacy should not come into effect of the ability of the youth to explore and diversify them when using the World Wide Web, but it should enforce and promise a firm safety to our youth. Inevitably, we can discuss the topic of monitoring technology amongst youth and argue the restrictions of technology to the youth, but instead we must argue that technology must rapidly increase in protection, but at the same rate firmly protect our youth with limitless safety. Digital media is an important additive to the development of our youth but it must be monitored for the wellbeing and safety of our youth.
Once again firmly embracing our lack in technology monitoring, responsible companies fail to act towards this issue. Pushing strongly towards the increase