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Finding the Right Position
I am here today to give you some helpful tips to get the job you want!

Finding the right job can be a difficult task, having some helpful tips to make the search a little easier and less intimidating.

I. The job search
a. Researching the job you want
1) Entering the proper wording
2) Keyword searching
b. Know the location you want to work in
1) Have a mileage radius in mind
c. Have a realistic salary range
1) Know the salary range for the position so you know what you’re looking for
II. The Cover Letter
a. Contact information
1) Uploading documents or email format
b. Body of letter
1) Address the individual receiving the letter by name
2) Explain why you are interested in the position
3) Give details of your qualifications in a paragraph or two or use bullet points
4) Closing statements...
III. Resume
a. Create multiple versions
b. Decide your format
1) Keep length concise as in 1-2 pages maximum
2) Use legible fonts
3) Font size should be between 10-12
4) Name and headings may be slightly bigger
5) Do not include personal information such as; birthday, marital status, etc…
6) Keep it specific to the job you are applying
7) Include: Skills, Education, & Professional experience
c. Keywords and phrases from job descriptions
1) Match the position to your resume
IV. Interview
a. Do not give personal information as well as these questions should not be asked
b. Give clear concise answers
c. Never speak in the negative, always hold a positive attitude
d. Avoid yes or no answers, the “what’s in it for me”, and salary information
e. Most importantly PREPARE

V. Thank you