Informative Persuasive Speech Proposal Essay

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Ikjap Singh
Ching Ching Tan
COMM 20N th
March 2015

Stoned to Death. Wait! What?
In today’s world, advancing technology and ever­increasing ways of fast communication between people, have somehow made people very self­centered. Even if we take a walk around the campus, we will find eight out of ten people glued to their phones; snapchatting, instagramming or fixing their makeup with the front­camera. How many of us know what’s happening outside our campus, city or country. Sometimes it makes me question if this technology, which was made to make us more aware, ended up disabling us? How many of us know about the condition of women in middle countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc. In such countries, if a woman commits adultery, and is caught, she is stoned to death, or that women are forced to marry their own rapists!
Since we are in California, let me clarify that being stoned to death does not mean that a woman is forced to consume weed until she dies. According to our merriam­webster dictionary, ‘stoning to death’ means “to kill (someone) by throwing stones,” This might sound horrifying to you. But are we all aware of this brutal reality that still takes place blatantly around the world? Are we getting educated in the right way with the reinvention of technology. What your friend did to your other friend

yesterday, does that really matters now? If we are getting educated, then we should also accept responsibility of some sort to serve