Informative Speech Essay

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I worked on a team at Wendys, I actually worked best when we had our rushes and when I was under pressure. Whenever a fellow co worker needed help with something or we were short people, I was always willing to jump in and help. I also was willing to work overtime, and I filled in for many call offs, believe me. I would describe good customer service as first and foremost being polite. Customers like to be greeted as they enter the store. I often refer to them as sir or mam. And I will offer to help that customer in any way that I can and if I can't I will find someone who can. If a problem arises with a unhappy customer I would try to deal with it calmly and patiently in a way that benefits the customer and the business. if they're interested but I will not hound the customer or follow them around. I know for me personally it's important to have good knowledge on the products you're selling. I rarely have disagreements with anyone but if I do I would take that person aside and reason with them and tell them how I feel. If I have a disagreement with someone, or if there's someone i'm not quite fond of I like to resolve it right away rather than put up with it and make me miserable, which can affect someones job performance. Usually when I encounter an unfriendly customer I will offer help and try to put him/her at ease. If the customer is like psycho then I would get a supervisor or someone who can better serve his/her needs. My weakest quality would have to be remembering things, If I am bombarded with tasks, or if i'm currently working on an assigned task and I get sidetracked with a number of things I might forget what I was originally doing. So I might have to bring a notepad and write down