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Topic: Healthy Eating
Specific: How to eat Carbohydrates

Intro (thesis): Carbohydrates are onf the main type of nutrients which provides energy for our often referred as “carbs” are an important part of your diets, but it doesn’t mean you’re free to load up with cookies and cupcakes to get your daily carb amount. Today, I will explain the difference between good and bad carbohydrates.

Idea One: (SIMPLE AND COMPLEX): Carbohydrate are an important part of a healthy, well balanced diet but it is important to know the good and bad. Do you know which is which? The answer is both simple and complex. Simple are referred to the bad carbohydrates, they are composed of “simple to digest”, basic sugars with real value for your body. They are composed of high in sugar and lower in fiber. Believe it or not fruits and vegetables are actually simple carbohydrates still composed of basic sugars,although they are different from other food such as cake. The difference is that fruits and vegetables’s fibers changes the way the body process sugar it accelerates makes them be more like complex carbs, in the other hand the other simple slows down your digestion. Most important simple carbs to avoid in your idea include: sodas, candy, artificial syrups, white rice, bread, pasta, pastries and desserts and potatoes. Yes potatoes, I will explain why in a few minutes. According to Sandra Meyerowitz MPH, a nutritionist and owner of Nutrition Works in Louisville, Ky people can enjoy simple carbs on occasions and within simple carbs there are better choices such as baked potato, white rice and regular pasta than cookies and pies. The problem with this carb is that it has too much sugar including monosacchrarides and dissacharides which are made of glucose, fructose and galactose.

Idea Two: COMPLEX: Complex carbohyadrate are consideres as “good” carbs because of the longer series of sugar that make them up and take faster time to break down from the body. “They