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Informative Speech on Piercings
I. Introduction
A. Many people though out society look down upon people with facial and body piercings especially if they have more than just their ears which is more socially expectable.
B. Within the US many people use getting piercings for many reasons like tradition, cultural reasoning’s, and aesthetics. However, piercings are considered to be a personal journey, this changes from culture to culture.
C. The origins of body piercing date back thousands of years. As an ancient style of body adornment, body piercing practices have been important for cultural rituals and as expressions of beauty (Shafiei, "Origins of Body Piercing").
II. Cultural Reasoning’s
A. There are many cultural reasoning’s for the
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All surface piercings are supposed to be temporary however. B. Over the past 4 years micro dermal piercings or sometimes called “single point piercings” are becoming more and more popular.
1 The anchor, a flat piece of metal that sticks out sort of like a foot, is what holds the piercing in place. Sometimes the anchors have small holes in them, which allows the tissue to encompass the anchor as it heals, giving it a firmer hold (Hudson, "Micro dermal Piercings Info Guide and Healing Time").
5. Dermal anchor jewelry should be made out of titanium for surgical implants due to low rejection rate. The jewel that is visible on the skin is threaded and just screws into place, so they are easily interchangeable once the anchor is healed. Healing of this piercing usually takes 8 - 12 weeks. The twisting action involved in removing or replacing the jewel can damage the tissue if the anchor isn't healed, that’s why it’s advised to wait the full 12 weeks before you change out the jewel (Hudson, "Micro dermal Piercings Info Guide and Healing Time").
C. The act of suspension is the hanging of the body from or partially from hooks pierced through the skin in various places around the body.
1 Some people are seeking the opportunity to discover a deeper sense of themselves