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Attention Getter: I’m sure everyone like me has their own perception of voodoo most people think includes black magic, evil spirits, and causing harm to others. But in all reality is used mostly for beneficial reasons.
Reveal your topic: Today I’m going to discuss what Voodoo actually is and what religion practices it for.
Establish Credibility: Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez have both been suspected to have use Voodoo to alter certain things.
Thesis Statement: Voodoo can be used for good or evil just like many practices in today’s Society.
Preview: I will briefly elaborate on the two types of voodoo, voodoo rituals and superstitions.
First main point: Voodoo Is an African Born religion believed that many different spirits help guide a person through physical journey of life. There are two Types of which is Haitian voodoo and Louisiana or New Orleans voodoo.
A: Haitian Voodoo is an interesting blend of strict monotheism mixed with the worship of many spirits.
B: Haitian Voodoo rituals are practiced mainly for healing.
C: Under Bondieu there are 3 general categories of spirits. Bondieu is believed to manifest all and has reign on entire universe.
D: The 3 spirits include Loa, Rada, and Petro
E: Loa= spirits that embody the major forces, Rada= most commonly practice is sweet and loving spirits, Petro practices sorcery and black magic.
Transition: Just like every culture things are different is the same thing with Louisiana voodoo.
Second main Point: Louisiana voodoo or New Orleans voodoo are a set of spiritual folkways originated from African Diaspora traditions.
A: Differs from Voodoo because emphasis on Gris-Gris, voodoo dolls and voodoo rituals
B: Result of creolization in region resulted from the African Slave trade. Africans that were brought bring culture practices, languages and beliefs.
C: Use knowledge of herbs, poisons, ritual creation of charms to protect oneself. Making/ wearing charms and amulets for