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3D Glasses
Specific Purpose Statement: To enlighten my listeners about the history of 3D glasses as well as their mode of operation.
Central Idea: 3D glasses were developed to assist individuals view objects in a three dimension without having to strain their eyes.
Method of Organization: Topical
I. (Gain attention and interest) Many of us have encountered 3D technology at one point in our lives such as the red and blue comics usually found at the back of magazines, or a have watched a 3D movie at IMAX. It is with no doubt that, we all find this technology to be a fascinating one. II. (Reveal topic) 3D glasses is a technological concept that creates the
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A. The eye that is covered by the red lenses sees red as ‘white’ and blue as ‘black’ and vice versa for the one covered with the blue glass.
1. Because the red-blue glasses are cheaper to manufacture, anaglyph images are so familiar in the contemporary media.
2. Such images are seen on many platforms such as Disney’s feature movie ‘Spy Kids 3D’ and in other media such as sports.
(Transition) Apart from the use of red-blue lenses, other advances have been developed.
IV. Jeff Hetch portrays in his article "3-D TV and movies: exploring the hangover effect" that a modern technology has overshadowed the red- blue lenses employed in motion pictures. A. This new technology relies on optical phenomenon of polarization; hence, the new glasses permit a more precise color viewing than that seen in the anaglyph images. 1. To understand this concept of polarization, imagine a garden hosepipe. 2. Whenever you shake the pipe up and down, you will notice that it generates vertical waves, which also move in a similar direction to your movements. The waves can be argued to be vertically polarized.
B. In the same manner, if you shake the same pipe in a left to right motion, you will notice horizontal waves making the pipe be horizontally polarized.
(Transition) Given this phenomenon, we can connect how the example is used in this technology.
V. Light is a form of wave comprising of electric and