Informative Speech Study Drugs and College Students Essay

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Informative Speech
Study Drugs and College Students

I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter: "I reached into my backpack, grabbed an Adderall, and went to the bathroom. I smashed it on the bathroom sink and snorted it. I went back to my class and zipped through the rest of my exam, and it made all the difference." This student incident was found in a 2005 article published by Baylor University on the alarming use of “study drugs.”
B. Thesis: Many of you may be unfamiliar with such a topic, so today I will cover the mysterious world of study drugs and the hidden dangers associated with them.
C. Significance to Audience: Most of us are here because we all want to transfer to the best school as possible. And we will do whatever it
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ii. Sub3 point: Schools that are highly competitive and cutthroat have rampant rates of study drug use because students feel the pressure to maintain high academic standing no matter what the cost. 2. Sub Point: Even here at PCC there is the tempting nature of study drugs.
a. Sub-Sub point: To put things into perspective, recent studies published in Professor Kuhn’s Buzzed article, indicate that “15% of college students have used prescription stimulants as study aides…” (Kuhn, 227).

Transition: So I just covered why student resort to such measures, but I must also inform you of the not so pleasant side effects.

D. Main Point: To begin with, a drug is a drug, and it has the potential to be harmful and addictive.
1. Sub Point: Various studies prove that stimulants such as amphetamines and methylphenidates can cause physical problems.
a. Sub-Sub point: Rod Colin of Prescription Drug Addiction writes that high doses of stimulants can cause irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure, which typically result in heart failure or stroke (Colvin, 14).
i. Sub3 point: Furthermore, those who take stimulants without prescriptions usually do not know much about dosages, so they mistakenly take more than they are supposed to.
2. Sub Point: Also, withdrawal symptoms have been noted in individuals who no longer get the stimulation they are used to.
a. Sub-Sub point: Rod Colin also states that “depression,