Informative Speech on Foods That Make Happy. Essay

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Haley Spesard
COMM. 101
April 4, 2013

Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech, my audience will gain knowledge on different foods that can act as antidepressants, help relieve stress, and actually put you in a better mood - and why.
Organizational Pattern: Topical
Intended Audience: COMM. 101 Class
Have you heard about the 12-step chocolate program? Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate!
Flowers wilt, jewelry tarnishes, candles burn out – but in my house, chocolate doesn’t hang around long enough to get old.
Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.
Orientation Phase:
Point: Today I will give you information about foods that can actually make you happy – at least in the short-term.
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3. Health experts believe that bananas are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. D. The next food item to brighten your day but might make you a little heavier, (and is my all-time favorite), rice, bread, and pasts. 1. Eating carbohydrates increases serotonin levels in our body which has a calming effect. E. Baked potatoes made the list for helping your concentration levels and giving you a sense of relief. F. Next on the list (benas) may make you a little gassy but are well worth it! 1. Beans are filled with soluble fiber, folic acid and omega-3 fats, these three ingredients work best to make your mood cheerful. 2. Beans are also an excellent source of iron and calcium which increases the number of blood cells in the body. G. “Milk does a body good” is an understatement. 1. Milk and milk products are rich in tryptophan which is what is also in bananas. 2. Milk also contains antioxidants, vitamin D and vitamin B12 that helps us brain to fight stress and old age. H. Last but not least blueberries have been proven to help you relax. 1. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which are also well-known stress busters. 2. Blueberries are packed with fiber which aids in good digestion. 3. Some scientists also believe that blueberries and strawberries also prevent cancer.
Transition: Now that you know the different foods that can help you become more up-beat, let’s look into the