Informative Speech on Violence Essay

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Accoridng to the FBI 17 seconds from now someone between the ages of 13-25 will be a victim of a violent crime somewhere in our country. Domestic, dating and sexual violence are costly and prevalent problems in this country, causing victims, as well as witnesses and bystanders, in every community to suffer pain and loss. In addition to the lives taken and injuries suffered, violence shatters the sense of well-being that allows people to thrive. It also can cause health problems that last a lifetime, and destroy children’s outlook on school and in life. The United States has made progress in the last few decades in addressing teen/ young adult violence – but there is more work to do to build the strategies that hold the most promise. These …show more content…
A community that cares about the family and its development should train more health care providers to assess patients for abuse, providing victim support programs, and making services available to all victims & witnesses. A community should also provide job opportunities so that they can take care of those necessities and are not forced into making decisions they didn’t want to do.
And the last support structure is the church and the stability it proves. The church should be hospital for the hurting and help those that need encouragement and strength. And a church should also be a place where people can find help and encouragement whether it’s counseling to help them through the struggles of life or maybe a program. Mary Marcarthy said "In violence we forget who we are". When an act of violence takes away a loved one or detrimentally injures a person you know physically or mentally and changes their life completely, it is at this point that a person depends on the strength, stability, and direction of their family, community, and church to steady them on their journey back to health and safety .Breaking the cycle of violence in society.

· In the U.S an estimated 1.6 million people lost their lives to violence in 2011. About half were suicides, one-third were homicides, and one-fifth were casualties of armed conflict.
· In 2011 , 15% of the murders in the United States were committed by persons under