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Task 1 Data Investigation 2
Task 2: Business Intelligence consideration 4
Task 3: Information Identification and Presentation 6
List of Orders 6
Employee Sales Staff 8
Product List 11
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Task 1 Data Investigation
This report contains explanation on how to use the data that collected and analyse it to turn it into useful information to help in business. From what I analyzed from gender of customers data, we can use this information get to know which gender Torch should more focus in or find out why the other side of gender of customer wasn’t that many. For example now Torch Sports have more male gender than female, Torch can consider developing more male product or for both gender to increase more profit and attract more valuable customers. In the data contains customer type shows that most of the customers are from Onion Club, Torch Sports can consider giving discount to specific club member to make more returned customer. In the data of gender of customers, I would recommend to add in the record of what the customer purchased to understand what product the customers love or less love. Once Torch Sports able to know which products are the best seller, they can promote it to boost the sales or Torch Sports can features the products on the main page or their website to attract more customers. (Carrillo, 2013) Another recommendation which is add on the time of customers are buying to allow Torch on trying different type of promotion to check which one are more effective. (Carrillo, 2013)
Next data that I analyzed are from Aust&US_Customer which separate customer into CA or US and not CA or US. From the data given, there are more customers from CA or US so Torch Sports can create focused advertising in CA or US country to raise the company’s online profile. (Schiff, 8 Ways to Use Web Analytics to Increase Online Sales, 2014) None CA or US country people might not interest in Torch Sport, extra advertisement in the country might brings less effect and waste of money. In other way, Torch Sport can try and figure out why other country don’t consider on purchasing in Torch Sports.
Another data would help to increase customer satisfaction which is the data that contains a list of orders for July, august and September in 2008. The data shows that specific employee deliver the product to the customer slow. For example employee ID 9999999 deliver product to customer usually takes two to five days but the other employee are usually delivered on the same day of customer order.

Figure 1 (Charlton, 2013)
Figure 1 shows most of the customer prefers better delivery service. Efficient delivery service would improve customer shopping experience; Torch Sports can differentiate itself better than other competitor if they make sure the entire employee does great work for the customer. (Charlton, 2013)
Product list of Torch selling are not useful without adding the numbers of product that Torch currently have. Numbers of product can help Torch in stock control. A good stock control will help Torch Sports to lower inventory cost and fulfil customer demand. (Hamlett) From the data, it shows clearly Torch Sport is a Sports company which focus on outdoors sports.

Task 2: Business Intelligence consideration
Business intelligence is a way that involves collecting data and turning it into useful business information for Torch. (Beal, 2015)Visibility which is main benefit for Torch, it helps Torch to identify which is the best seller and where is the stock going to avoid stock missing. (Ferrer, 2011) With the help of business intelligence, Torch get to know which is the best seller and Torch may able to consider of putting the best seller in sales or analyse the consumer buying trends to predict what the consumer are looking for. (Malta, 2014)Once Torch understand what the customer are looking for, they can use this information to develop product that match the consumer buying trends to increase profit and attract more