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Infrared Body Treatment


Infrared heat is a form of energy that gives heat directly to an object without causing the air around the object to get warm. Infrared lamps were proven to give many benefits by warming the body allowing the deep heat to penetrate the skin without damage and be absorbed into muscle tissue. There are several benefits that come with the use of infrared lamps such as lamps reducing inflammation, soothing joint and muscle pain such as arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, back pain, sciatica and sports injuries. The deep heat promotes proper metabolism and regulates physiological diseases. Infrared treatments are normally implemented before a massage or electrical treatment to get optimum results from the treatment.

Types of Infrared Lamps

There are different kinds of infrared lamps available in the market but they all serve the same purpose. Usually, infrared lamps have a round plate that has mineral clay coating that is very crucial to the human body, they can be freestanding or overhead lamps suspended from the ceiling. Regardless all lamps will emit radiation that would easily be absorbed by the body once they are connected to an electrical outlet. Infra red lamps do not pass an electrical current through the body but some lamps can provide a short wave energy which provides heat transfer which is very beneficial to the human body in many ways.

Benefits of Infrared

Infra red treatment is effective to the human body in many ways ranging from physical, physiological and psychological benefits. Some of the effects are: Stimulates our cardiovascular by increasing circulation by the surface of capillaries and arterioles dilate with the direct effect of heat.
Effective for weight control and burning calories in areas where most heat is produced. Pain relief in joint, muscular and strain by relaxing the muscles with the rise in temperature. Strengthens the immune system Helps in removing body wastes and toxins
Good for relaxing and relieving stress Can help in achieving youthful and beautiful skin Can provide heat/warm during cold seasons especially for elders who are more prone to joint pain. It is especially good treatment for those who suffer from Arthritis

Caring for the Infrared lamp

Infra red lamps must be used with care. There are some precautions which must be adhered to in order to ensure the lamp is cleaned and sanitised effectively before use.

1. Make sure that nothing is touching the lamp when you are using it. A soft brush can be used to wipe off any dust
2. The lamp emitters must be cleaned with pure alcohol to ensure it is grease free. The lamp must not be used if wet in any