Ingredients: Nutrition and Fresh Food Markets Essay

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NTFD 1010-001
April 11, 2014

Ingredients Video Reflection Food plays an extremely important role in our everyday lives. Without food, we literally could not survive. How do we get our food, and how do we make food taste so wonderful? Ingredients. Ingredients are known as any substances or foods that are put together to make something amazing. We watched a documentary video in class on how many farmers grow their own food and how it is actually a lot healthier for consumers, than processed vegetables. In today’s economy, people are constantly crunched for time. Always running around and having to be somewhere at a certain time, really affects the way people eat and purchase food products. So people will usually buy whatever is faster and easier to make. However, that may not be the healthiest choice. Farming use to be really popular back in the day. There used to be tons of fresh fruits and vegetables almost everywhere you went. Unfortunately, this has decreased quite a bit in today’s day in age. From the video, I really gained a lot of information as to why it is so important that we are eating FRESH fruits and vegetables. I never knew that it could have such an impact on your health. The video really made me upset to know that consumers, myself included, really avoid eating healthy. We are lazy and so uneducated on this specific topic and it is steadily showing the effects of this in our health. I think farming should become more popular and more people should consider growing their own crops. The main issue I think that may bring up is time. The video also brought up global warming and