Inhalants: Inhalant and Drug Free World Essay

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“The inhaling of chemical vapors alter consciousness, it can be used as part of a religious ceremonies as well.”( Foundation For A Drug Free World). The use of inhalants is growing among teenagers and the name for it, is as well growing and changing time to time, and they are known as a laughing gas, poppers, snappers, or whippets and much more. Inhalants damage the body, it is also illegal and legal, and there are more people dying of it on the first try. Unfortunately the inhalant is on the rise and yet people are getting addicted of it every year. When inhaling this chemicals the brain, which is an organ of soft tissue that contains “nerve fibers, which helps send messages to all over the body to their proper destination,”(Heads up Real News About Drugs And Your Body). can be shut down. This inhalants famish the body of oxygen and force the heart beat irregularly and swiftly, which can cause chronic conditions, such as damaging the immune system, and can outburst difficulty with basic activities such as walking, talking, and other simple things. “ This syndrome, known as “ sudden sniffing death,” can result from a single session of inhalant use by an otherwise healthy young person”( National Institute on Drug Abuse). Inhalants is so strong that when a women is pregnant, it can go to the babies blood stream, that can cause the baby to come early before his or her birth date, and this can cause the baby to have a problem development of the brain and other things that can not be cured for the bad decision the mother has made. “ Sniffing correction fluid can stop your heart; if you sniff to get high, you’re inhaling poisons that do definite damage. So stop before your heart does.” Furthermore, this is illegal and also legal, because of the specific chemicals being inhaled and being sold in stores. “Even though inhalants are not controlled or regulated by the Controlled Substances Act, about 38 states out of 50 has restricted certain sale products to minors. Some societies in the Western Australia and also the South Australia have passed a law on petrol sniffing offense” ( Drug- Free World). The reason for teenagers in obtaining these inhalants is because some of them think it is harmless, cheap, and quick to get high off, but really the chemicals can change the way the brain works and cause serious complication to the body, and the other reason teenagers do this is because they want to fit in, with the wrong people demonstrating them, that they can do what the rest are doing. Finally, some of the people die of inhaling strong chemicals just at the first try, and still other people do it knowing it will cost them their life. The inhalants is almost as similar as an anesthesia, which slows your body down and produces numbness and makes you unconsciousness and even takes you towards your death. “ Today more than 1,000 different products are commonly abused. The National institute on Drug reported in 1996 that one in five American teenagers have used inhalants to get high” ( Consumer Product Safety Commission). In conclusion, one of the important steps is to speak to all children about the inhalants and informing all parents about the symptoms, so they can tell if their children is inhaling some kind of chemicals. The inhaling of chemicals is growing among teenagers, and death is as well growing. The inhalants damage your body, but the first thing it damages is the brain which helps send messages to all over the body to their proper destination. If you ruin that, it will make you not do basic things, just as walking, talking and other easy things. The bad part of it is that it is also legal and illegal because of the certain products being inhaled and sold, but about 38 states out of the 50 states in the United States have a law specifying 18 year old and younger cannot be sold certain products that can be inhaled. Some of the time people who inhale it for the first time die, because it can be specified as an anesthesia