Initial Marketing Plan Essay

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Initial Marketing Plan

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February 13, 15
At Gazelle, we make computers that appeal to the average individual. Computers today can be expensive, and majority of the working population are unable to buy one. Our main objective is to deliver quality computers with an affordable price tag. By focusing our efforts primarily on the computer’s internal components, we guarantee that our computer’s potential can be fully maximized by our customers. For this vision to occur, we came up with different strategies for production. Firstly, we hired few employees to reduce costs and stationed our head office in Shanghai. This allows us to reach a large portion of our target market, while saving on costs.
However, we’ve also made plans to expand our offices in order to reach out to a larger target market and increase demand of the “Gazelle One”. We will eventually branch off into the Chicago office in an attempt to capitalize on the greater demand that is associated with opening two sales offices. With the larger market, it is easier to produce our computers in bulk and reduce the major production costs. After completing this expansion into Chicago, we plan on training and hiring more employees to give our customers the best possible customer service. As this shift occurs, we’ll continuously come up with new ideas to improve our computers features. To do this, we will adjust how funds are allocated within the business. By allocating funds towards improving our computer’s design, it would give us the opportunity to service a different target market, while keeping our core market satisfied with functioning internal components. This leaves a lot of room for growth and gives us a larger potential then we had in the past.
Secondly, our main marketing strategy was to create an ad that highlighted the following mission statements; Gazelle Computers aims to fulfill the needs of the everyday employee. We want to provide these working consumers with an easy-to-use, user-friendly computer while still providing them with the best experience possible. We offer our customers efficient computers at a low cost. It is capable of running the best quality software programs while maintaining a large amount of data storage. We recognize that our working target market is not interested in a computer for leisure or luxury, but rather for getting the job done. As a result, affordable quality is crucial to our company. We firmly believe in offering the best quality products at the best prices possible. Gazelle Computers has focused its efforts on making the internal components of the computer the most valuable part. However, we did want our computer to look as good on the outside as it operates on the inside; therefore we designed our computer with a sleek and simple exterior, offering a unique and distinct look. At Gazelle Computers, our only operating brand is the Gazelle One. At this time we are solely focused on getting our worker oriented desktop computer into the market but hope to expand in the near future. We have priced our product at $2500, matching what the average consumer is willing to pay for their computer. Currently our office headquarters are located in Shanghai. We strategically chose this specific location as it contained the highest demand for worker-orientated computers. This location also offered us the lowest office expense costs allowing or our company to better invest the extra money further into our product. With this ad, we have been able to generate a large deal of recognition and business. We plan in the future to expand our marketing capabilities in order to showcase our product to more consumers.
Showing the internal and external factors that could affect our company’s success can summarize our company’s competitive environment. The internal factors of our company, with emphasis on the strengths are our marketing