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1. SGT Javier, as a (V)3 Team Chief, you will be responsible for the section and I will rely on you for information and current status of personnel, equipment, operations, readiness, training, and other day-to-day matters.
2. As a Team Chief, you are expected to conduct yourself as a professional and set the example. Demonstrate integrity and fairness in your interactions with your Soldiers. Your actions should focus on three priorities: (1) the mission, (2) Soldier care, and (3) readiness.
3. Emphasize training. Regular and efficient training directly support and ensure both mission accomplishment and readiness. Involve all members in training; solicit their suggestions for improvement and incorporate their ideas. Share lessons learned within and between sections. Commander's focus at this time is additional duties and cross-training.
4. As I am responsible for counseling you, you are responsible for conducting monthly counseling with your Soldiers. Ensure the following topics are addressed: what was done correctly (sustain), what needs improvement (improve), scheduled events, education, current promotion status/potential. Soldiers in the Secondary zone will be told the minimum requirements for promotion to the next grade. Soldiers in the Primary zone will be told when they will attend the board or why they are not recommended for promotion. If not recommended, they will be counseled on what performance needs to be improved in order to meet the board. Forward a copy of all completed counseling statements to me by the 25th of the month.
5. Loyalty and trust are indispensable in our relationship. I expect you to be honest with me and I will do everything I can to support you. I am delegating responsibility for a large portion of our mission that I care very much about to you and I will not interfere with the