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Inject Plastics

Alex Lorenzo
Mkt – 214 Sales Management
Monday-Wednesday, 3:10pm – 4:35pm
March 25, 2015 After reading the article about Southeast District of Inject Plastics I was shocked the vice president Brand was ordering the sales managers to fire three sales people. The company increased their sales by 12 percent and became more efficient and reliable over the last 12 months. I understand the idea of cutting costs to maximize the net profit, but you don’t do that after your best year in sales. If I had to fire three sales people from this list it would have to be Wally, Mark and Gretchen. I personally would advise against firing anyone because all these salespeople are growing the business and getting new customers. I chose to fire Wally for multiple reasons. First, reason being he has only been with the company for 1 year. Also his total sales last year was the lowest by far. Along with his sale being the lowest, he only brought two new customers to company generating only 75,000 dollars. Next I chose Mark mostly because of his age being 63 and covering more territory will most likely be a challenge for him. Also along with that, he only brought in 220,000 dollars from new customers, which is the second lowest out of the ten salespeople. He’s been with the company for 41 years, so going about firing him will be the hardest and most emotional. Lastly, Gretchen will be the last sales person I will let go. I was torn between letting her or Sam go…