Inner Journey Peter Shryznecki Analysis

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A journey is defined as the act of travelling from one place to another.
As human beings, do we not all encounter obstacles along our physical and/or inner journeys of which we must work through, and therefor grow from?
Inner journeys are the basis of human experience and are inescapable, inner journeys changes people, they learn from them and grow from it.
Through my three chosen texts i will be highlighting the concepts surrounding inner journeys to portray my idea that the final destination of an inner journey is growth.

Immigrants at Central Station and Feliks Shryznecki, written by Peter Shryznecki, bestows upon us through poem, the challenges ones inner journey must under go when integrating
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One can decide either to pay no attention to the experiences within a journey or reflect upon the experience in order to learn and grow by taking on the lessons and teachings put forward. This allows us to improve our lives or continue living the same way as when we entered the experience. An example of growth through hardship is featured in Skryznecki’s poem Feliks Skryznecki, where the poem shows the hardship and loss through the journey from Europe to Australia and the change of cultures.
The opening of the poem describes Felix Skrzynecki simply, “My gentle father”. The very first line sets the tone of the poem, full of respect and admiration. It describes how Felix is a determined and focused man “Five years of forced labour …/Did not dull the softness of his blue eyes.” Felix Skrzynecki has always been positive and optimistic despite all obstacles, “I never once heard / Him
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Peter undoubtedly has a lot of respect for his father but realistically acknowledges the estrangement growing between them, he is living his own life in his own world. Frost and Skryznecki, make evident such changes in their use of language and description as they describe the impacts of inner journeys. Both of Skryznecki’s poem follow through with the idea of finding whereon belongs and keep on moving forward even when things seem lost.
Within Feliks Skryznecki and The Road not Taken the similarities are evident through the idea that we must accept and grow from the decisions we make, from one experience leads another, and we must learn to be content and happy with our choices.
One of the key elements of growth, which has been defined as the process of developing physically, mentally or spiritually, is reflecting upon your challenges. It is at the end of the journey that you can appreciate how they have evolved as