Innovation And Creativity And Innovation In A Competitive Environment

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It is vital for an organization to integrate creativity and innovation as part of their strategy plan in order for the company to stay relevant in such a competitive environment. A company that advocates innovation and creativity and it is well known around the globe for taking innovation to the next level is Apple Inc. Recently Apple announced its plan to purchase of Beats Entertainment for $3 billion (Chen, 2014). This deal is to include the Beats’s streaming music service and their premium headphones. Apple believes that the acquisition of this company will help them gain an advantage in the streaming music trade. As of today, iTunes is not ahead of the game like it was once. The growth of iTunes is been hurt by other music streaming companies such as Pandora and Spotify (Chen, 1014). Apple Inc. believes that acquiring Beats will put them back in the race and even help them take over the streaming music industry. This is a great example of a company that implements innovation in order to thrive. In my opinion this article is very much congruent with our text. This week the reading was about innovation, creativity, and how leaders apply these in decision making. It also talks about how these leaders influence their employees to be creative and innovative as well. According to DuBrin (2014), “Innovation refers to the creation of new ideas and their implementation or commercialization”
(p. 339). By acquiring Beats, Apple’s CEO Timothy D. Cook is showing to have the