Essay on Innovation and Hydrogen Bomb Idea

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Robert Snyder
English In the 1950’s, scientist and military personnel worked hard on coming up with better weapons for the defense department of the United States. The hydrogen bomb, a bomb that simulated the fusion of atoms in stars, was to be a ground breaking experiment that many scientist detested due to the immorality of its destructive power. Most scientist wanted nothing to do with this experiment; however, one scientist by the name of Edward Teller continued to work on the bomb in fear that the USSR would develop the technology first and have the upper hand in war. Teller was on the right path to making the bomb but the problem was that the mathematical calculations needed to develop the experiment were far to advance for any modern calculator. Atomic scientists developed a machine that could manage those problems and soon enough they came up with what we know today as the computer. By November 1, 1952, the bomb was successfully developed and tested on Eniwetok Atoll, a remote island located in the South Pacific. The island was completely obliterated with a blast that was five miles high and four miles wide. The hydrogen bomb was a key invention only because the computer was invented in the process. The computer, after its invention, was sworn to have an impact on military technology for the rest of human existence. A benefit the military had acquired was the rocket powered explosive. The rocket powered explosive meant the U.S. could get behind enemy lines and cause great damage without one single American soldier getting hurt. The computer’s impact on that technology was that it allowed scientist to create and develop new rocket powered tech. Rocket science turned out to play a huge part in the military’s arsenal. This benefitted the military greatly because it allowed them to get satellites up in space. With satellites in space, military intelligence would have the ability to locate and target enemies around the world without having to get up from their chair. This new targeting system powered by computers would mean that specialist had the ability to guide the rockets to their target. This was only the early years of the computers existence and scientist continued to improve their work.
The computer technology was the roots to developing the pilotless aircraft. As human knowledge grew greater every day, the computer did as well. Today the military has the technology