Innovation and Social Innovation Platform Essay

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Spigit Spigit is a technology company based in the bay area that provides collaborative innovation management software for enterprises. It offers SpitgitEngage, an enterprise platform for internal innovation companies. SpitgitEngage for Facebook which enables organizations to engage their customers in social co-creation by tapping users understanding of idea generation, free thought, campaigns, contests and game dynamics. Microsoft SharePoint is a social innovation platform that applies social principles to the process of generating the best ideas for organizational challenges. The company also provides SpigitEngage for Government, which enables government agencies to launch engaging internal and external campaigns to collect new ideas from employees and citizens. SpigitEngage for Jive is a crowd innovation that allows employees to submit new ideas or creations and tracks each person’s submitted ideas, providing an update on their status. Also, SpigitEngage has a mobile app that is supported by SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows the user to contribute ideas, vote, comment, and follow activity in your community from anywhere at anytime. SpigitFusion is a strong engine for managing the evaluation and implementation feasibility generated through the Spigit platform that has a Software Development kit that creates a partner ecosystem strategy that enables application creation, allowing users to integrate in Spigit’s purpose built crowd innovation solutions. In addition, Spigit offers ICON, a crowdsourcing platform that helps employees tap their co-workers for ideas, knowledge, and feedback with others, make meetings more engaging, and cut down on email time and traffic.
Our audit was conducted to examine the organizations structure and their activities, also to assess any risks that will impact the achievement of the organizations objectives into business process. Here is a list of (risks) questions I would like to ask: 1. What are the internal controls for SpigitEngage? 2. What would happen if employee’s proprietary information were compromised? 3. How often does the company reexamine the security of the servers? 4. Who else is authorized to have access to the servers besides the IT department? 5. How are employees trained to follow procedures to ensure the safeguard of vital information? 6. What controls are in place to prevent or mitigate fraud, computer abuse, or data loss for this department?
After conducting our audit, these were the controls for each risk listed above:
Control 1: Spigit has an operation team that drives production automation including installation, upgrade, monitoring, and optimization of multiple customer processing environments on a Linux, Tomcat, and MySQL platform. Their objective is to provide a foundational infrastructure for a robust lights-out production…