Innovation: Creativity and Idea Essay

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Innovation Article Review: How Creative Geniuses Get Their Ideas

This paper is a synopsis of the article how creative geniuses get their ideas found in the magazine; The Week. The article goes over Pixar’s formula for creative process to come up with new movie ideas. This formula is key to innovation in companies for brainstorming new ideas.
Innovation Article: how creative geniuses get their ideas
The art of innovation is a method or structure used in innovative process and design. An article titled, “How creative geniuses get their ideas,” by Eric Barker writer for The Week magazine explores the creative collaboration process used by Pixar.
The Main Idea: Collaboration without Judgment
The creative process covered in the article is used by Pixar but also and not limited to comedians and architects. Peter Sims was quoted, “We have to have the whole idea or the vision concrete before we begin, and that’s at odds with reality” (Barker, 2013). A vision may start in one place but end up in a very different place, due to the reality of what the creative collaboration finds. The end result is different due to the process of collaboration Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull quoted, “you have to go from suck to non-suck when developing a new movie.” (Barker, 2013). At Pixar they use a method called “plussing” where they plus each other’s ideas. The idea may be crummy however, judgmental language is not used during these collaboration group meetings. They take an idea and “plus” on it saying “Yes. That looks good and what if we did this,” instead of saying “I don’t like that idea,” and just throwing it out completely (Barker, 2013). It is the core collaboration method used at Pixar and it improves on everyone’s idea. This method is used until perfection is achieved.
Why Collaboration is Key:
The innovation process begins with a simple raw idea and is formed and shaped into an innovation, whether it be in the form of a product, method, or structure. This article was chosen because innovation is a learning process. You must learn from the mistakes and address the problems to find solutions. Pixar takes the raw vision and adds to it; tweaking every problem that they find. No judgment is passed during this collaboration process and that is key. If a person’s idea gets put down he or she may drop the idea completely and declare defeat. If a person is given feedback with the addition of a solution to any problem, he or she may more likely continue with their venture.
My Opinion
This article could not have said it any better. The article touches on the basis of what collaboration should be. Innovation begins with a raw idea that is changed throughout the process using positive feedback from, “what if we did this instead”. Every idea can use some improvement. As Tom Kelly states in his book, “No idea