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Tech mandatory: Innovation Emerging Technology - Automatic
1) What are the benefits of this new technology? The benefits of Automatic are that the technology learns about your driving style and it improves the driving skills. It also monitors the car’s health and warns you if something is wrong, tells you on how to save on fuel and gas, it calls 911/000 when in emergency and alerts the station know where you are located and it also helps people find where they parked their cars.

2) How does the new technology works? The Automatic consists of a small device called Automatic Link and an ios or android app. The link is plugged into your car’s Data link Connector and using Bluetooth 4.0 it connects with your Smartphone, also connecting your car and your Smartphone wireless every time you drive.

3) Why is it considered as an innovation?
It is considered as an innovation because it helps your car have new computerized technology that improves on your driving skills, helps save gas, also contacting emergency when you are in an accident with your location making driving safer, and more efficient.

4) List other possible uses for this type of innovation.
It can also be used to make your several-year-old car have more advanced, helpful computerized features of today’s newer models. It could also potentially help you save money.

Part A

Automatic link plugged in the data link connector

Automatic Link and Smartphone connected together.