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Innovative HR Practices

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Human Resource Management HRM201, taught by Professor Glenn.

The number one asset to any organization is human capital which has been proven especially during economic distress. In times of economic distress, making tactical decisions in an organization is critical as well as weighting workforce strengths by investing in the development of strategies which optimize each employee results. When organizations maximize their investments they tend to look to the effective research to inform their best practice. This research will expand how Google, NetFlix and Kimberly-Clark reinvented their organization and workforce through innovative human resource which has become a vital asset for increase profit as well as changing the nature of work with relevance to business results.

This paper will identify 3 companies that provided innovative HR practices in their organizations to succeed in the marketplace which are Google, NetFlix and Kimberly-Clark. According to Inside the Box (April 2013) states the few functions of human resource in an organizations innovation process. That said, HR supports other departments with hiring, benefits, succession planning, and performance in three areas of processes for instance:
Division is principles for innovating techniques by listing in order the steps of process and posting notes on the wall where it can be used as a function follow form to visualize new opportunities.
Organization Design allows restructuring organization corporate realm which involve levels of jobs and careers by using various multiplication process, providing the organization job functions, select a copy of that function with roles and alignments, and use as a function follow form to visualize new opportunities.
Strategy provides HR departments to remain relevant by delivering the best support in Attribute Dependency which provides innovation and vision that focus on several aspects such as size, experience, etc., and locations as well as external environment such as size of company and performance of company.
I will explain how the above top 3 organizations have optimize and improve their performance by focusing on the main driver for HR innovation while withstanding the economic crunch to meet the demands in the marketplace.

Google’s success is attributed to extraordinary people management practice because its utilization of people analytics. This approach focused strategically on how managing people is vital because innovation are developed through and by people and without maximizing capable people through recruitment to retain innovators, Google would not be the extraordinary organization they are today. That said, Google provide managers an environment which supports innovation, even though this transition to innovation was problematic because human resource was operating in the 20th century past practices of efficiency, risk avoidance and legal compliance. Nevertheless, Google reinvented the traditional human resource practices through processing the drive for innovation. Human resource at Google is incomparable different from other hundreds of known human resource functions I have researched as well as worked with. Google does not call human resource – Human Resource rather People Operations.

An article by Dr. John Sullivan (Feb 25, 2013) stated the that VP and leader Laszlo Bock has rightly acquired to demand data-based decisions in all places that Google’s decisions because people management are steered by an analytics team which focus on two essential keys for people management; (1) All decisions are based upon data and analytics and (2) The goal is focus upon implementing the same level with tenacity for engineering decisions as equally for people-decisions. This approach allows Google to do away with HR’s 20th century decision-making approach, even though this approach can be considered an