Input / Output and Input Devices Essay

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Nicole Siino
Input and Output Devices
May 9, 2015
Tanweer Haroon

The most critical I/O devices are necessary to use because they are necessities in daily life of technology for our generation. As technology becomes more advanced as in touch screens and simply having electronics such as phones sit close to enough to each other to transfer data, it is going to eliminate the need for input devices such as keyboards, mice, image scanners and cameras. It depends on what device you have to include whether the input devices are necessary. Apple and Android have found a way to incorporate most of the input devices into one handheld device. As in an older computer without touch capability, the keyboard and mouse would be essential in guiding your way through the computer.
The modem holds all the information in the computer and is able to send and receive data. Output devices such as different monitors would be your choice in how you would want the screen to display it' s information. Ports are necessary when trying to connect the input/output device to the computer. The printers that are described as an output device, have many different options to choose from and would be considered an input device to me because they are essentially inputting information when they are being used as a scanner and outputting when being used as a printer to transfer data to paper. Printers are necessary if you have a system that requires hardcopies of documents.
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