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ChartPro Project
Team 5D

Project Overview
The aim of this project is to develop Project Management (PM) software that allows users to input relevant data concerning project tasks and dates and in return, have information displayed on all of the three major project management diagrams; a Work Breakdown Tree, Pert Charts and Gantt Charts.
To resolve the defects that other PM Software possess, this product is intended to be inexpensive, ubiquitous, intuitive to the average user and not require a new skill set to use. A simple yet efficient design has been adopted to achieve this and also to make maintenance of the software easier.
Project Requirements
Should produce WBTs, PERT Charts and Gantt Charts from common data
Enable Charts to be saved for later use
Allow charts to be edited as needed.
Should be ubiquitous, inexpensive and easy to use.
Users have basic computer skills.
User have access to internet connection
Platform Agnostic
The application must be easily accessible with little effort
To be used by devices with a screen size 7 inches and above

Target Audience
This product is aimed for use by students and small- medium sized enterprises. These diverse target audiences share a common problem, they possess a need for these PM tools but cannot access them easily as the most efficient ones are expensive and do not support a wide range of platforms. This market gap has to be filled in order to help students especially with their final year projects as well as to provide small-medium sized businesses the same opportunities as large enterprises to excel.
Our product is designed to function on a web based platform such that the only thing needed by the user is an internet connection. This was chosen because it allows users access to product on many devices and platforms including desktops, laptops and other mobile devices as long as the device screens can accommodate the diagrams(Screen size 7 inches and above). Also, users do not need to bother about an installation process like in the case of using Microsoft Project. That ensures easier access, and security for the user’s device because installing applications means a higher risk of a virus attack. A web based platform can also be updated easily from time to time without much obstruction to the system as compared to having to download a new version of an application because changes have been made to it. Also, its interface is to be simple and attractive as compared to other products that have an intimidating interface. This usually discourages users from wanting to use them but this is a problem our design will remedy.

Technologies to be used
Our design will use SVG as its graphics system. It is a W3C recommendation