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An Inspector Calls-Act 1
The ways in which language, form, structure and shape meaning. Form = Drama for an Inspector Calls. Work out what the writer is trying to communicate with us based on his thoughts and ideas towards the subject in matter.
In Greek Draen means to do. Similar to drama.
Set in 1912 but written in 1945.
Shelia says “that what you say”- ironic because Gerald hasn’t been near her “last summer” showing that Shelia doesn’t really believe him.
Mrs Birling generation shows that if you marry a business you have to get use to the fact have your husband will be away at work more.-“You’ll have to get used to that, just as I had”. However Shelia objects-“I don’t believe I will” the contrasts between the older generation and the younger, as society is changing.
Mr Birling is trying to impress Gerald as he comes from a richer family. “Same port your father gets” showing that he can afford and has the same taste in wine as Sir Croft does.
Mr Birling “unsinkable” taking about the “Titanic”, “don’t want war”-talking about the Germans, showing that no one wants war. Ironic and shapes how we feel about him- an idiot.
When Eric tries to speak, he says “let me finish” showing that he knows everything and that Eric has “a lot to learn”. His speech shapes his character for the audience, and setting the scene.
Distropian story-where to have a negative view of how the world will turn out. “H.G Welles” priestly makes connection with other writes and makes Mr Birling comes across dismissive towards other people.
Irony “don’t let into the police court or start a scandal” -Mr Birling and “laughs complacently” showing that it’s a joke and unlikely to happen.
Foreshadowing “clothes mean something quite different to a woman”-Mr Birling as Shelia links with Daisy Renton/Eva Smith.
Eric is “shy” and no well-known by his parents and goes to something and stops himself because he knows that he will be told of because he feels he can’t say anything to his parents.
Antithesis is the opposite theory/idea. Birling doesn’t believe that we have responsibility over each other “has to look after himself” shows that you only have responsibility of yourself.
When the Inspector introduces himself, Mr Birling tells him how important he is even thou it was in the past.