Inseperable: Friendship and Glistening Brown Eyes Essay

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Inseparable We were the best of friends. Kayla and I had known each other since fourth grade and we couldn’t live without each other. She had shoulder length, chocolate-brown hair and glistening brown eyes, and freckles scattered on her cheeks and nose like sand on the beach. Kayla wasn’t ever one to be outgoing but when she was with me she was the loudest person I knew and she was always supportive of me. She was such a sweet and genuine person and could never fail to make me laugh. Then there was me, the loud, clumsy blonde, typical. From fourth grade to seventh grade we had sleepovers every night we could and spent our time listening to music no one else knew and laughing over the dumbest things. We had such an amazing friendship, up until 8th grade rolled around. In about the second or third month Kayla met this guy named Sam, who was a 7th grader. He was pretty short, around 5’3 and had black hair.
“Lauren, you don’t understand, he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met”, she said smiling down at her phone. He seemed to make her so happy and treated her well but as her best friend I was a little contemplative of this guy, but when I met him I wasn’t too sure he was any good for her. Sam was probably the most disrespectful person I had ever met, and all he talked about was how drunk or high he got that weekend. I felt so uneasy talking to him; it was as if we were on different planets. All he did was party and I knew right at that moment it wasn’t going to end well, and it had just started. He had asked her out one day at school and of course, she said yes. That weekend we had plans to go to the movies to see Insidious, but she blew me off to go hang out with Sam and I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen. I could never see her being that kind of person to smoke. That Saturday, she and Sam had gone to a kickback with a few girls and guys where she smoked weed for the first time in her life. The next time I saw her was Monday morning she started bragging to me about all that went down, I was a little worried but I brushed it off. I couldn’t say anything to my parents because our families were so close. Things got worse, we drifted. I never got a chance to tell her what I thought of Sam and how I didn’t want her to get hurt. She became closer with Sam and his crowd and I made friends through the year who I was close with but it was at the point where Kayla and I barely talked. I checked Facebook one day and noticed a friend request from Sam, I accepted. I checked out his profile and thought “oh my gosh, this is who Kayla is dating?” He had booze and pipes as his header and talked so disrespectfully. She could do so much better. Weeks, months past, I worried about what she might have gotten herself into. One day I heard about a huge party from one of my friends, I also found out Kayla and Sam were there which worried me. I saw Kayla walking alone so I sprinted to catch up with her, “Kayla, I haven’t talked to you in forever how are you?” She looked at me teary eyed and