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Inside apple is a book where the author lets us discover the whole new strategic world of Apple directed first by Steve Jobs. It introduces the original way Apple manages its company. We learned that the business strategy model Apple is using is completely different from what we learned in school. We’ve always learned that a company has to have free flow information contrary to Apple that faces a large secretly managerial structure. By the time you finish reading the book, you will have a completely different idea of what you thought about apple, and you will probably be afraid of working for that firm. The author shares with us many interviews he has done to Apple employees and they help you discover how
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For example, in 2008 Apple launched MobileMe, which was one of the worst failures for the company. Apple promised MobileMe was going to be an innovative tool to offer web access to mail and calendars. However, when the product was launched to public, customers realized the product was not working the way it should have; there were slow loading times and servers were always down. Of course customers started to ask themselves whether that product was ready to be launched or Apple precipitated the launching of that product without the right experimentation on it. After the controversy the society created, Steve Jobs called their executives to a meeting telling them Apple reputation was going down because of them and named new executives in the MobileMe team. I consider that in the past years, the new team has improved very well and has recently launched the new version of MobileMe named iCloud.

A few months ago, one of my uncles made me read Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs because as I am a big fan of Apple gadgets (I own a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod and iPhone), he thought it could to be interesting to me to know the story of the great creator of the products I was having home, and that it would make me understand the main reason I bought the Apple products and what made me choose them over other products. To tell you the truth I was not interested at all in reading it but at the end I did it and I was very impressed about what I read. By far I prefer Isaacson’s book.