Inside Out Movie Analysis

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Docter, Peter and Ronnie Del Carmen. Inside Out. Amy Poehler Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, Pixar, 2015, Film. The archetypes used in the movie were color which were charcters. The colors were Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Red is known as a bad color in real life, in the movie he wasn't so bad just a nice guy who can turn evil in just a second, and that turn things into a total mess, but really he's not a bad guy. Blue was Sadness she was a screw up at the beginning with her sadness she that kept on messing things up, and causing her and Joy to get kicked out of headquarters. At the end of the story, we figured the she was an important character, because with out her Riley would be gone. Joy, which was Yellow was the wanna be character, a leader, and the heart of group. At, the beginning she was a boss, she controlled everyone, she put Sadness, in a circle, and controlled the whole group. She just wanted everything to go her way, she wanted to be the hero, but that didn't happen since the hero was Sadness. They are two more characters Purple which was fear and Green which was disgust. They were actually very kind …show more content…
The Interlopers. Holt Elements of Literature, Third Course, edited by Kylene Beers and Lee Odell, Holt, 2005, pp. 151-5. Print. The Interlopers uses a good example of plot and characters. The characters in the story are perfect because without the characters the plot wouldn’t be the same, the characters depend on the plot. So, the plot is The main characters are fighting over land, then later there trapped under a tree. But later in the story they turned into friends. So, in the beginning in the story you see just two enemies hating each other, and then they suddenly get trapped under a tree and they become friends. You can also assume the tree is a good quality of a symbol because without the tree the story would be so different. So this story shows, good qualities of characters, plot, and