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Nike Inc.
Company Overview
Mission: Our goal is to carry on his legacy of innovative thinking, whether to develop products that help athletes of every level of ability reach their potential, or to create business opportunities that set Nike apart from the competition and provide value for our shareholders.
Vision: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body you are an athlete.
Build a business for diversity and communicate leadership commitment.
Strengthen people management systems and processes.
Develop a global infrastructure.
Customer satisfaction
Quality products
Diverse customers
Continuous learning
Quality communication
Leadership Competencies and Accountability
Nike wants to project them as a product based company. We found this by on all of the sites for Nike there was always a product being advertised. Within Nike’s site alone every click has a product and most of the times many products which catch the viewer’s attention.
www.nikebiz.comNike Inc.
1964- Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight formed Blue Ribbon Sports and filled their first order of 300 pairs of shoes.
1970- Blue Ribbon sports began a large advertising and sales campaign to expand business and spread word of the quality shoes they were making.
1971- The Nike “swoosh” and name were created for an upcoming shoe line from BRS.
1972- The first pair of Nike shoes were brought to show at a track and field meet in Eugene, Oregon.
1972- BRS brought on their first athlete to advertise their shoes, Steve Prefontane. A track star for Univ. of Oregon he helped launch the Nike brand into high demand because the quality of the shoes was actually helping him and others perform better.
1980- Nike went public on the stock market
1983/84- Co-founder Phil Knight stepped down as President but remained the CEO and chairman of the board
1985- Facing a downturn in business because they were focused in male athletes they broke into the female sports shoe market due to the popularity of the aerobics boom.
1987- Nike created the Air Max technology using air bags hidden under the heel to cushion the force of running.
1988- Nike launches their “just do it “ad campaign with two-sport athlete Bo Jackson as the celebrity endorsement.
1989- Nike regained the position as the top footwear/apparel company in the world; they would not lose that spot again. 1990- The launch of Niketown, retail stores that give shoppers the entire Nike experience in one store.
1996- Nike signs Eldrick “Tiger” Woods to a $5 million a year contract to give a new strength to Nike golf, Tiger went on to win the masters tournament in 1997.
1999- Nike brings in cyclist Lance Armstrong. At the time was just diagnosed with cancer but Nike stayed with him and Lance went on to win multiple tour de France titles.
2000- Nike Shox technology replaces air bags in shoes.
Today- Nike continues its journey to stay at the top of the sports world and continue signing top athletes who represent their products well.
Nike Inc.
Chapter 1
Concept- Human Capital
Definition- The productive potential of an individual’s knowledge and actions
Application within the company:
Nike Inc has been committed to providing top quality sports apparel, training gear and