Insight: Gender and Sexism Essay

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Hanna Hemmati Hemmati 1
March 11th, 2015
Prevalent Discrimination
Throughout the presentations seen and the texts discussed on several social justice issues in class, it has been brought to my attention that the issues such as sexism that involve social justice around the world have been major concerns for men and specially women across the world throughout the years that human rights associations and international organizations such as the United Nations have taken action for it. These conditions will only improve if there are wills to raise awareness on discrimination and organized movements to tackle such problems effectively and efficiently.
Discrimination takes place in different forms and degrees in any part of the world. Sexism, which is a widespread form of discrimination against opposite sexes, has been strongly emphasized by the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” that we watched and analyzed in class. In the movie Latika, the girl who was targeted by discrimination, was being treated like an object by men. She was owned by a boss and was expected to live as a prostitute to earn money under his authority. So she had no freedom in any form whatsoever. Every action of hers was controlled by men as she was “bought” by them. The conflict arises when she tries to run away from that authority with his friend, Jamal but is physically threatened and brought back to her boss. The discriminatory situation against women in this movie is hard to oppose, as the simplest rights that women now have in most developed countries are brutally denied by men. Although, in countries such as United Arab Emirates, parts of India and many other third world countries this offence to the female gender still continues strongly and can only be stopped if women themselves, agree to stand up to their rights and discuss equality.

Hemmati 2
“He’s drunk again, it’s time to fight, she must have done something wrong tonight, the living room becomes a boxing ring, and it’s time to run when you see him”. This is a part of the first verse in the song “Never Again” by Nickelback that was presented in class. This song openly discusses the issue of sexism specifically towards women through domestic violence, which is in the point of view of a child that is viewing this conflict. Rhyme and metaphor have been used in this lyric to highlight the issue and its consequences. The fact that the living room is compared to a boxing ring can clearly tell us that the woman is experiencing physical abuse from the man as well as emotional. This is only one of the many examples in this song about the issue of sexism. Truth is, discrimination can be more than just an opinion or discussion; it can be an extreme issue that puts people in psychological and physical danger. It can lead to depression, loss of confidence and self actualization. The fact that men can treat woman as an inferior sex, can also change the point