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Executive Summary
A picture is worth a thousand words and Insight Media knows just what needs to be communicated. Insight Media Design and Photography (Insight Media) is a Sarasota, Florida based full service graphic design and visual representation firm. Insight Media will be concentrating on assisting new businesses establish corporate identities and established business maintain current established corporate identity. The targeted customer is a small- to medium-size company that has been established for 0 to 5 years.
Insight Media will operate out of a small office in the downtown area. For months one through seven, Daniel Postlethwait will be the sole full time employee with other designers as freelance artist. By month seven, Daniel will be hiring a part-time assistant to help with design work as well as an individual for administrative details.
Insight Media will offer companies a fresh perspective on establishing and maintaining corporate identity, social media and visual communication at a responsible rate. Daniel has a unique background where he has business skills, marketing skills and creative skills. While his creative skills are useful for creating logos and other devices of visual communication, his business mindset allows Daniel to remain focused. This competitive edge allows Daniel to bring both an aesthetic design focus as well as a practical, quantitative mindset that adds value to the service offerings by creating solutions that have both creative elements combined with rational, business ideas. This is useful since the clients are more business oriented.
Insight Media will grow their customer base by providing clients with well-priced…