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Insomnia affects almost half of adults living in America. (# 8, 2012) This is a shared sleeping disorder that many people across the universe are diagnosed with. Several causes of insomnia include exercising too much, stress, withdrawal from alcohol or a certain drug, physical circumstances, and diseases. People with insomnia usually have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, which causes people to have poor-quality sleep, which will affect their mood, energy, and productiveness for the next day. (MediLexicon, Intl., 2012) More symptoms of insomnia include waking up earlier than needed, having trouble falling back asleep, and being in a bad mood the following day. Insomnia can cause many more problems such as weight
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By getting a healthy amount of sleep, weight loss could be a result. (MediLexicon, Intl., 2012) Doctors have recently been saying that the solution to weight loss is not as simple as eating healthy, working out and sleeping more, but that sleeping behaviors should not be disregarded when trying to lose weight. Another source says that when people suffering from obesity lose weight, better sleep will also be an outcome. Another problem that was in an article used for this research was Heath Ledger’s death. His death was a huge eye opener and extremely tragic for most of society. Ledger’s death proved to us that consulting a physician about medications is necessary and mixing certain pills can be a matter of life or death. (#4, 2010) The information used to complete this research seemed to be correct except for one questionable article. The only misleading article was one that said taking sleeping pills could increase your risk of death. (#4, 2010) Along with that, the article continued on to say that someone who doesn’t smoke, drink, and is physically fit would have their mortality rate increase by thirty six percent. What the researchers said was not wrong, but it was misleading due to the fact that the scientists said taking sleeping pills could cause a person’s life to end earlier than necessary. If this article had been typed out more carefully and clearly, confusion would’ve most likely been avoided.
Insomnia rates are increasing