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Suning Business Feasibility

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Executive summary
Suning appliance co., LTD. (Shenzhen stock exchange: 002024) is a Chinese chain type electrical appliances sale enterprise, referred to as "Suning electric equipment, formerly known as Jiangsu Suning JiaoGuDian co., LTD. Founded in 1990 in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, is China's 3 c (computer, home appliances, communication) the leader of the chain of home appliance retail enterprises, and the ministry of the ministry of commerce supported by "one of the 15 large business enterprise group". By 2009, 30 provinces of mainland China are covered by Suning appliance chain network, more than 300 cities, including Japan and Hong Kong, with 1000 stores, 3000 service outlets, more than 80 logistics distribution center, operating area of 600 square meters, over 120000 employees, annual sales of 120 billion Yuan. The value of branding is 45.538 billion Yuan, as the No.1 brand of chain business in China. On top of three in Scale private companies in China, and present at No.54 in China's top 500 companies in the Forbes top 50 Asian companies, Forbes Global 2000 companies first retail enterprises in China.
Suning appliance (002024) listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in July 2004., Suning appliance recognised by the height of the investment market with excellent performance, on top of the market value of the highest home appliance retail chain enterprises in the world.
On December 30, 2009, Suning appliance purchased laser appliance for HK $35 million acquisition of Hong Kong. Transaction is completed before the end of March 2010 at the latest.
Around the need of market, according to the principle of standardization, specialization, Suning appliance could be divided into 4 categories: flagship store electrical appliances chain stores, community shops, pro shop &specialty store s, and the flagship stores have developed to the seventh generation. Moreover, Suning appliance takes “Renting, Building, Buying and Merging” as a synchronous development pattern, maintain the steady and development rapidly, open more than 200 new stores per year. At the same time, it increases the development of self-built flagship store, store standard as the foundation, orderly development way and through the development, dozens of advancing the self-built flagship store at the first and second class market across the country. Predicting in 2020, the scale of the network will break through 3000, sales reached 350 billion Yuan.
Description of product service
Suning appliance is a kind of company to commit to provide customers with more varieties, high quality and reasonable price products and better after-sales, sale and pre-sale service, emphasis on "brand, price and service ". Suning appliance is now operating commodities include air condition, video, color TV, ice wash, and audio, digital eight categories, household appliances, communications, computers, more than thousands of brands, over 21 specifications. Suning appliance has been sticking to the service principle of "professional proprietary". With chain services as the cornerstone, the construction of logistics distribution center is supported by Suning, customer service center and after-sale service center; providing consumers with better convenient retail distribution services, professional and maintenance services and comprehensive appliance installation, and consulting to accept the return of warm and thoughtful service. Suning provides customers with the entire services of professional sunshine. Professional services are built on talent, Suning offer special mechanism of talent training, customized various jobs need specialized talents. Like, "1200 project", "Project Manager" and "Echelon Engineering", "Thousands of Blue-Collar