Inspecting What You Exspect Essay

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Inspecting what you Expect

This is an essay on how to inspect what you expect. This essay goes out to all junior marines or future marines in general, if your curious about how to be a true leader then read closely. Now honestly i dont expect much, just the normal stuff that you were taught, how to properly wear your uniforms, how to go about handling your job, proper greetings, the normal stuff.
However, when in a leadership roll, there are certain things you must inspect more then you would when not in that roll, for example being in charge of certain sections mean you must always have that section up to par with the other sections, everythings a competition in the USMC, you always want to be better then someone else because it looks good on you as well as the marines under you, so to do this you must always strive to be the best, and that means you must inspect like a higher rank would (think like an NCO) because thats what is best for not only you, but the marines under you.
Now i know what your saying, "well how do i get them to listen? they dont care." Former president Bill Clinton once said that "running a country is a lot like running a cemetery; you've got a lot of people under you and nobody's listening".
Now with this said think about it, if of all people a president said this and yet still did his job, with both tact and discipline, then why cant you? You think that you will lose freinds, you think that people wont like you? Well good! If they dont like