Inspection: Sanitation and Kitchen Essay

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One of the infractions that I noticed on my sanitation inspection of Kitchen C6 was that the students were not in proper uniform. The hair on one of the students was out of her hat and not in a hair net there for it was not sanitary for her to be cooking in the kitchen. Along with the the uniform infraction there was also a student that didn't have on a apron cooking in the kitchen requires an apron due to keeping your uniform clean and presentable for when you step out of the kitchen to great guest and patrons. To correct the infractions I would take each student that is in violation aside give them a verbal warning the first time followed by wright up for the second time finally for the third time I would send them home for the day causing them to get a zero for the day. As for the procedure I would follow for the hair out of her hat I would request that she steps out of the kitchen and goes to the ladies room and look in the mirror to fix her hair in to her hat or come back with a hair net to fix the violation. If she refuses then the student would be sent home for the day so that there is no contamination in the kitchen due to hair getting in to food. The second infraction that occurred in the kitchen was that there was a whisk that was not in a sanitizer container it was simply left out. I could not tell if they had any intention of using the utensil once more. In any case it should of still been put in to the sanitizer so that if they did happen to want to use it they could and it would be sanitary for them to do so. As to the