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Yana Volchek

In both poems, “The Moment” and “The Storm In The Black Forest” domination of nature over humans is portrayed. They demonstrate in one way or another that nature is always, in the end, uncontrolled. Both poets use ‘enjambment’ throughout their poems, which I think suggests clear, ordered and analytical thought. Also it might suggest that there is an idea that flows throughout the poem.

Language in ‘Storm in the Black Forest’ is easy and flowing. I think the theme throughout the poem is man’s lack of control over nature. In verse 2 it says ‘electric liquid’. That metaphorically suggests uncontrolled pouring and that phrase is almost threatening because it can be potentially lethal. In the poem there is a lot of personification. Nature is personified and sometimes given human features. For example heavens are personified and Lawrence says they ‘cackle’. Image of cackling comes across as almost evil laughter. In verse 1 the line ‘and is gone’ adds sadness to the statement and also mimics the brevity of lightening. Solidity of color is also portrayed in verse 1 ‘bronzy soft sky’. Line 2 has 2 alliterations and persistent repetition suggests emphasis of purity.

‘The Moment” is also a poem about the uncontrolled aspects of nature and its liberty. The title is metaphorical; it suggests that people might wait for the ‘moment’ that is described in the poem for the entirety of their lives. All of verses 1 and 2 are one sentence and a multiple enjambment. Atwood uses a lot of direct addressing, just like in verse 1 she says ‘I owe this’. There is a sense of ownership in line ‘house, half-acre, square mile, island, country’. She then goes