Inspiration: American Football and Young African-american Youngster Essay

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As I searched for something interesting to watch I thought about what the world had to offer for every individual, everybody has a different life a different destiny with different choices to make. Throughout the long list of movies I saw one in particular which I had already seen before but decided to watch again, ‘The Blind Side’. This is a true story about a young African-American youngster named Michael Oher who comes from a broken home full of drugs, murder, lies, and no future. He is taken in by a white family who help him be the best in everything he can be giving him food shelter and an education, a private tutor is contracted to help Michael succeed in school and be able to play high school football. A new set of challenges is set for him and the adopted family all discovering new things about themselves and how one choice would change their lives forever. Michael earns a football scholarship and passes on to be an American offensive left tackle football player for the NFL Baltimore Ravens in 2009. This film got me thinking about how one family changed a boy’s life forever and how by them giving him what he needed became one of the best players in the NFL. Sometimes we think so lightly about things that happen yet, we don’t realize how one simple choice could turn out to be so valuable to another human being including ourselves for future purposes. This family did not think twice about taking a street boy into their home and here we are lamenting many things that happen to us without knowing what the real purpose will turn out to become. You can call it luck but I take it as destiny how one persons undoing can be another’s new life opportunity to live a successful future. Whenever we talk lightly about how absurd someone else may be we don’t realize the negativity we store