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Inspirational Athletes

Jesse Owens – Jesse was an amazing and calm athlete, despite the background he kept going and proved the world his true ability! He specialized in sprinting and long jump as well as 100m, 200m, 4x100 relay, he beated 11 world records during his career. Jesse was an black athlete he represented the USA yet was treated differently because of his skin colour, when the other white representatives went back to America and meet the president he was left as an outsider up until 1955, when the democracy ended he was truly rewarded for his achievements by the president. I also admire him for spoiling Hitler’s plan back in Berlin, Germany where the Olympics were held.

Muhammad Ali - also known as Cassius Clay , Muhammad was best know for his fighting skills which he developed as an teenager, he won a gold medal in boxing in Rome, Italy in the 1960 Olympics, back then he was only 19years old he won all the fights easily without a breakdown or any injuries. Muhammad set 22 heavy weight titles he also achieved 56 wins and only 6 loses. Cassius was upset about the racism as a protest he threw his newly received gold medal deep into the river. Later that year Cassius joined the civil rights organisation and along with them protested against the white people and the government. Cassius retired in 1981, just when he found out he had the Parkinson disease, yet he cooperated and donated money to lots of charities worldwide.

Tanni Gray-Thompson – Tanni is best admired for her determination and ability to be brave. Tanni was a paraolympian, she was born with a medical condition, gene